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My Addiction to Pre-Mix Muffins Comes to an End

The breakfast muffin cemented itself to the pit of my stomach like a clump of clay. My stomach started to ache fifteen minutes later and I regretted my moment of weakness this morning when I’d ordered the tall coffee and pondered what to partner it up with. That multi-berry muffin was beckoning me to take it out of the display case and bite right into it.

I’ve been weaning myself off of empty calorie foods since December 2012 so my body easily rejects what it can’t use. I’m too busy to bake so raw food has a time saving aspect to it that appeals to me.

CrossFit After 30 Days

The air capacity in my lungs HAS to be increasing because I don’t EVER breathe this deeply unless I’m at CrossFit.

The thoughts that went through my head while going through this 20 min. WOD are worth remembering. As it says here in the graphic, a VOICE starts to increase in volume. It’s always there but I think our lifestyle and the noise of the world muffles it. Only when you go looking for it does it shout out loud and clear . . I actually finished this WOD! My burpees need practice, granted, but I’m up to a 20 pound kettle bell now, only in 6 weeks. I’m no Olympian. Anyone can do this if they want to. I find that I am standing and sitting taller these days. And when I’m not, I self correct as much as I can. I find myself paying more attention to managing the “core”, butt tucked in, keeping abdominals tucked in as well, shoulders back and head up. My body is becoming my good friend again.

Are We Really Broken People?

Yesterday at CrossFit Chilliwack my instructor Jay told us about a two day free presentation that started today. Kelly Starett is a hugely popular Crossfit athlete as well as physical therapist who put together a Primer for Basic Human Movement where the second part can be viewed tomorrow Jan. 31 at 9am PST.

The presentation was brimming with information and if you can watch it tomorrow, I highly recommend it. Replays can also be purchased with PDF downloads as well.

I was pretty much riveted to my laptop screen from 9 to 4 as the keys to alleviating the pain, stiffness, and poor balance in my body were virtually handed to me and everybody else watching the presentation.

CrossFit Getting Started

I have completed 5 weeks of CrossFit workouts which averages out to ten hours of classes. Here are a few things I’ve learned so far with my CrossFit getting started experience. . .

First of all, I am more convinced than ever that I made the right decision to follow the program. Along this journey I could have easily fallen into the predictable pattern of convenient excuses about my advanced age, poor level of fitness or the lousy weather (I cycle everyday).  But once I made the commitment, I discovered I had no desire to turn back at all.  In late 2012 my intuition had assured me that 2013 would be the year for change.  So “me voila” disciplining my mind as well as my body.

As tempted as I am during moments of weakness, I’m learning to veer away from all self sabotaging thoughts of  the strength and flexibility training I still need to do to achieve my desired level of fitness. Instead, I choose to enjoy the steady progress of my body’s functionality and take each WOD (Work Out Daily) as it comes. Lately, I’m feeling more flexibility  in those challenging squats and  more strength in my forearms when doing ring pulls.   I think I’m even standing taller!

Strength is the New Fit

If you are like me then you are probably spending at least 8 hours each day in front of a computer. That adds up to at least 40 hours a week of keeping the body inert while the fingers do all the work. Have you ever wondered where all this is leading to? Are you starting to notice people in the same age bracket as you pushing walkers down the street? Building strength has never looked so good.

I took a long and hard look at myself in the mirror and saw that all the work I had done so diligently in the 80s in building a strong core has disappeared. In my mind’s eye I thought I still had some remnants left in the deep muscle tissue but hey, who am I kidding. And something started happening to me in my late 50s.

Functional Fitness Promotes Health and Longevity

 A growing number of baby boomers and seniors are working proactively to stay strong and flexible. As our bodies age we lose the strength and mobility to enjoy the activities we enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be like this. Longevity can be a part of your life when you engage in physical activities that will keep you fit well into your golden years.

Recently I attended a Christmas party hosted by Sarah and Joel, the couple who started Chilliwack CrossFit. At first I didn’t recognize any of the CrossFit members. Their work-out garb had been replaced by regular clothes.  The guys dressed casually smart while the girls were dolled up. Dressed up or down dressed, their clothes hung fashionably down from their sculpted bodies.

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