Viviann is passionate about experiential journeys and keeping herself fit. Her travels started in 1971 where crossing oceans by sailboat have been a big part of her adventures. She lived for 15 years in Estonia to learn more about her roots. During that time she owned an operated an art gallery which provided a portal to learning more about the spirit of the Estonian people. Today she is a cultural activist and is keen on sharing the traditional values from her Finno-Ugric background with the rest of the world.

How the Artist Beat the Soviet Villain

Elephants and Giraffes Found a Home on Facades

Elephants and Giraffes Found a Home on Facades

This is the story of a villain and a hero.

The story happened in a land on the other side of the world. A world where a dark cloud of despair loomed over the heads of each person who lived there.

People had learned how to turn off their feelings and pretend everything was alright.

Those brave or foolish enough to speak out for change were exiled to the remote corners of this land, often never to return.

A soviet villain was controlling the free will of the collective.

Seeing the Possibilities

This gallery contains 8 photos.

 “You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.”
Thomas Merton

I was perusing through some of my  albums today and came across  photos of the early years of my art gallery business in Estonia. The pictures reminded me of seeing possibilities.

The Estonian Song and Dance Festival Continues to Inspire

On this particular day in Tallinn, Estonia on July 1999 I decided to do a DIY renovation in one of my apartments and not attend the Estonian Song and Dance Festival. I planned to rent out the apartment in the fall and was looking forward to customizing the improvements in what had once been my maternal grandfather’s building. The day was hot and my project  was to remove old wallpaper. It peeled off easily enough as long as I kept dousing it with generous jets of water with my sprayer before digging in with the scraper.

Decades of Stories Revealed

Decades of Stories Revealed

Vana Tallinn and the Era of Stagnation

Centuries ago monasteries were the main hub of scientific experimentation. Not surprisingly the industrious monks concocted potent herbal elixirs where spices and herbs soaked in alcohol created delightful infusions and distillations, such as Vana Tallinn.

Monk Distilling an Invaluable Elixir

Monk Distilling an Invaluable Elixir

Intended for medicinal purposes such as easing childbirth, indigestion or purportedly extending one’s life, the potions were sold initially to the nearby villagers.

These liqueurs were considered so tasty they eventually found their way to fine dining tables such as that of Catherine De Medici, wife of Henry II of France, who introduced the culture of liqueur drinking to the French Court.

Cycling in the Rain Brings Out the Inner Child

Groggy at 5:30 AM one recent morning, I didn’t bother to peer out the window to survey the weather conditions as I usually do.  Jumping on my bike, I headed out into the dark accustomed to cycling in the rain. Something was different.

Instead of the gentle on again-off again showers we’d been having, today’s dose of Pacific Northwest drizzle descended as stinging rain driving itself right into my face.

The Cloud Castles of my Girlhood

The cloud castles of my girlhood were NOT medieval fortresses but great sailing vessels.

The Cloud Castles of my Girlhood

The Cloud Castles of my Girlhood

My Special US Thanksgiving in Camden, Me.

Thirty-one year’s ago today, a young woman named Viviann and a young man named John eloped to get married on Thanksgiving Day. They were married in Beverly, Mass. at the home of the Justice of the Peace. Our perfect day for escape was filled with the radiance of the sunshine from above and reflected off the gorgeously peppered shades of amber leaves still clinging to the branches below.

Cornucopia of Colour

Cornucopia of Colour

Back on Course

I recently took a six week hiatus from Crossfit.  September and October were spent ruminating over how I would like to see myself in 2014.  After participating in the CrossFit program for seven months now I was feeling discouraged that I still wasn’t able to lift the same amount of weight as the girls who were half my age. I keep forgetting about “my age” until I get a sudden reminder that the body I’ve been carrying around for 61 years has  put up with abuse and general wear and tear well before these ladies were even born!  As one of my coaches said, my hormone situation has changed and it’s to be expected that it  will take me longer to build up  strength. Dang, I keep forgetting about that little detail.  Being realistic helps a lot to get back on course.

Gratitude for my Artists

During the ten years that I owned and operated my private art gallery in Tallinn, Estonia, I had the privileged opportunity of meeting hundreds of talented artists. I visited them in their studios and got to experience firsthand the environment in which these men and women followed their inspiration. I owe them a debt of gratitude.

Each in their own way revealed to me their unique and more often than not fantastic stories that time and again challenged anything that the western mind could possibly conceptualize.

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