My Addiction to Pre-Mix Muffins Comes to an End

The breakfast muffin cemented itself to the pit of my stomach like a clump of clay. My stomach started to ache fifteen minutes later and I regretted my moment of weakness this morning when I’d ordered the tall coffee and pondered what to partner it up with. That multi-berry muffin was beckoning me to take it out of the display case and bite right into it.

I’ve been weaning myself off of empty calorie foods since December 2012 so my body easily rejects what it can’t use. I’m too busy to bake so raw food has a time saving aspect to it that appeals to me.

The discomfort in my gut was just another sign that my digestive system was not amused by this glutinous offering I’d made.  I’d best start making those healthy, unbaked coco date squares I’d been eying last week on a raw food website I subscribe to before my stomach goes on strike. Paleo is the buzz word these days and it seems like my stomach knows all about it. The time has come to take a serious look at building a yummy, balanced eating program where I get the visual satisfaction as well as the taste.

I Love Cycling But . . .

The worst part about doing my weekly Cross Fit training workouts  is cycling to The Box. The traffic is noisy and sometimes a bit dangerous since the bike lane is often covered in fine gravel. Lately, I’ve chosen to cycle on the sidewalk with foam ear plugs wedged in my ears. I’m able to hold back enough noise that the muffled result is much less distracting and uncomfortable.

That leaves me with the exhaust from the vehicles to wrestle with and other than wearing a surgical mask, which I’m still considering, there’s not much I can do about that. I periodically breathe in with a gloved hand covering my nose when the fumes are diesel. I keep my fingers crossed that my genetic stamina can continue to serve me well for another 20 years.

Last week I rear-ended an SUV. It’s really funny to think about now but at the time my face could have found itself in the guy’s rear door. I was cycling up a slight incline in the bike lane with my cap visor shading the eyes. Deep in thought, I was looking down as I often do when I have some extra pedaling to do. Thwunk! Suddenly, I couldn’t go any further. I looked up and you should have seen my face.  I was looking at the back of a motor vehicle a foot away from my nose. My tire was wedged  in perfectly under the bumper. I immediately had to laugh but kind of wondered what the heck this vehicle was doing in MY lane.

I ambled over to the driver’s side and saw this guy reading. I tapped lightly on his window. He looked up and saw me, rolled down his window, surprised.

“Hey, I just rear ended you. Are you okay?”

You should’ve seen his face.

“Yeah, I thought that nudge was my brakes.”

“Would you like to check your rear bumper? My bicycle tires are rubber so there’s no damage. The tire just rolled in under your bumper and stopped. Do you want my phone number, mister?”

“Nah, that’s okay. I’m good. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’d better watch where I’m going. “

As I cycled away, I just HAD to laugh some more. This really cracked me up. Who was in the right and who was in the wrong? Who cares?  It’s a funny story with a happy ending. Watch those bike lanes…they can be dangerous!

The Element of Surprise in CrossFit

I never know how my body is going to react to the combinations of Cross Fit training workouts we are assigned to execute within the given time frame. Sometimes the  body simply doesn’t feel up to doing any pushups and on other days it feels empowered and will  agree to go for it and give it its best shot. At least we’re not strapped into some machine where we have to do x number of boring reps. We get lots of variety and never know what the coach will devise on the whiteboard.

Today for example, proved to be one of those good days where even the ring pulls didn’t seem as hard as I expect them to be. When I got to the tenth pull and had five more to do (in that round) I found the reserve of strength I needed to keep on pulling my weight up and have my chest meet the rings. Hey, maybe I’m getting stronger after all? It’s the third month now and the results are slowly starting to show.

Todays WOD consisted of the following:

WOD for March 6, 2013

WOD for March 6, 2013

By 4:30 when I started my fitness workout, the muffin was long forgotten. I’d probably burned off the calories just cycling to The Box. But that’s not an excuse to keep eating these plaque-building muffins from a mix.  I’ve heard some unsavory horror stories from people who have worked in factories that package cake mixes. All sorts of questionable powders end up in those premix boxes and bags. This brings back memories of TV commercials when I was a kid in the 1950s. I actually REMEMBER this one!

The muffin itself cost me a whopping two dollars. I could make an entire cookie sheet of health bars for around the same price.  The selection of healthy alternatives is boundless and here’s a site that is a good resource to get started.

Baby Face

Today we had a very young visitor to The Box whose mom brought her into the world only three months’ ago. What a cutie. I couldn’t resist asking if I could take her picture.

The CrossFit Cutie Reminds Me of  the Baby Face Song

The CrossFit Cutie Reminds Me of the Baby Face Song

The entire time mum was working out baby didn’t make a peep. The primitive panting and straining sounds of 17 or so individuals trying to do as many rounds of cross fitness workouts as possible in a given time frame probably held her fascination.

More WODs Tomorrow Make for More Consistency

Tomorrow morning is another WOD day. I’m curious to see how my day will evolve as I “embrace” another  fitness workout. That means exerting such  an  intense output of energy in a 10-20 minute time frame that you find yourself gasping for air several times along the journey. Will it be a day where I’m feeling more in control, like today or will it be one where I’ll feel like I’m stuck at the newbie stage forever and forever more? Like the weather, some days are sunny while with others the skies bring grey clouds. But whatever the challenge, we do this to tap deeper into ourselves where that strong, original “me” resides. We keep that portal open whether we feel under the weather or on top of the world. We know that consistency and faith are the keys to this business of a healthier life and aging with grace.

Circumstances in our lives can easily thwart the best of intentions. Think of how many times dieters and alcoholics have aborted their regime because they lost their job, their spouse,  or some other awful event disrupted their life.  Suddenly, there’s a need for a crutch and they’ll seek the quickest route pointing them in that direction. Others will have such a powerful ritual established that they will choose to put more energy into their WODs and find strength from the empowerment mastering the WOD can give them. The CrossFit community is there to direct and support, as seen here in this video depicting returning veterans who are also amputee survivors.

Co-creating a Better Quality of Life is Child’s Play

Essentially CrossFit is for everyone who likes to play with ropes, weights, rings, boxes and other basic equipment with like-minded souls. It helps participants  stay clear of those addictions and excuses that everyone is vulnerable to and even when you have a moment of weakness, you have plenty of opportunity to get back on track.

4 Responses to My Addiction to Pre-Mix Muffins Comes to an End

  • Cynthia Thatcher says:

    Inspiring candid

  • Great article, Viviann! I like the cycle story… I have a few of my own… not so funny, though… hehe… Yes, say no to addictions of any kind!

    Best Wishes,

  • Deborah says:

    I am 63 and want to lose weight and tone up. Do you know of any videos I can look at or where I can go to work out that is inexpensive. I live in Los Angeles.


    • viviann says:

      I’m not familiar with the Los Angeles area so I can’t recommend any places. When you start looking around I would recommend that you find a program that includes stretching exercises as well as weight lifting. I would strongly recommend watching anything the Kelly Starrett teaches. He has tons of videos on You Tube. And his philosophy works for all bodies of all ages. Here is a link to get you started and let me know what you think of his approach:

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