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For those who don’t know, each WOD (Work Out Daily) has got a name. Today, I did one called F.G.B. (Fight Gone Bad). The idea behind the name came from a fighter called B.J.Penn who gave it this name after he completed the circuit of exercises and found himself flat on his back panting.

“I am finding my base and building around it.” Viviann

When I look at this video of these people half my age pushing themselves I learn a lot. I’m not a casual observer since I have tried to do this myself so I have an idea of what it takes to complete the circuit.


I am not able, yet, to do some of these exercises My body is not yet strong enough and my brain has built a few obstacles. For example, let’s take the box jump. When I was a kid, I had no problem jumping from the floor up to a box. There was no mental obstacle. However, now there is. My coach Sarah encouraged me to try with a low box and my brain would stop me each time I tried. Sara had me jump in the air to see if I could clear the box and I could but something in my brain was stopping me. Fear of not landing properly on top of the box..maybe. So she had me start in gradations. She said she had the same obstacles when she first started and said that a lot of people do.
Of course, I felt fine jumping on the lower level and so we decided to have me do that for the WOD today.

This brings to mind a horse I used to ride in Estonia. I was just learning how to jump with a horse and to get started we would have the pole he was to jump over lay flat on the ground and get him to just step over it. Then, as we raised it a few centimeters, he continued to step over it, raising his hoofs a bit more. The brain is comfortable with scaling but sometimes, jumping to a level it isn’t comfortable with is a warning that we should just work at the level we are comfortable with until we build our confidence and skills. There’s no hurry. It will come.
As you can see in these shots taken today, my stations were scaled to meet my level. It’s a start and it got me tired as it was supposed to.

summo-deadlift-high pull with kettle bell

summo-deadlift-high pull with kettle bell

While doing the F.G.B. the thoughts that went through my head were worth remembering. I’m tapping into a part of me that I call the internal coach. She and I have a conversation. Yes, my coach Sarah is there on the outside encouraging me on at every station and telling me when I still have 20 seconds left so I try to do a few more reps. But the one on the inside is also making comments such as:
“Okay, are you going to stop now and rest, or are you going to give it one or two more tries?”
It’s an interesting conversation because while I’m having it I’m also panting hard, catching my breath and pushing my body to its limits. I realize that I’m not where I want to be and that can be discouraging if I let it take over. On the other hand, the rowing is the easiest and I know I can do more reps there. Also, the squats are getting better than they ever were and I really dislike those the most. So there are two sides to a coin here.
The internal conversations are worth recording. The internal coach coaxes the person who is doing the WOD to keep it up. It’s a kind of mental training as well as physical and helps you to become more connected with who you really are. It’s a fascinating adventure because no matter what situations you end up in along your life’s journey, you will know that you have this internal coach who will always be there to help you as long as you allow yourself to be coach-able.

Fight Gone Bad WOD

Fight Gone Bad WOD


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