Those Difficult Squats Again

Those difficult squats are still a challenge for me. It has been eight months since I started at CrossFit but I’m starting to notice some improvement in flexibility, stamina and strength but depending on any given day, some days I feel on top of my game and other days I feel very frustrated with myself.

The Perfect Squat.

The Perfect Squat.

While doing my warm up exercises this morning, I had to do 3 sets of 10 squats:  my absolute least favourite exercise. I’ve asked more than one coach at our CrossFit centre what it is I have to do to improve. Bottom line: PRACTICE.

If I let even a day go by without stretching, then I have absolutely no desire to even attempt a squat for that day.

I was telling my coach today, who is less than half my age, that I’ve never been 61 before and it takes some getting used to functioning in this body that is over half a century old. I don’t think she picked up on the humor.

Well, when I think about it, when I was 20, I signed off anyone age 60 as over the hill with one foot in the grave. So can I blame her?

Of course, way way way back in the 1970s, I guess people in their sixties WERE practically in their grave. They didn’t live as long as we do now and I think most importantly their MINDSET was simply different.

We SHOULD Care Diddley-Squat

OLD PEOPLE weren’t SUPPOSED to be fit and healthy. You were supposed to fit the stereotype of settling back to accepting this period of your life as one where you were a semi-invalid and semi-invalid (stress on second syllable here).

I actually feel very fortunate to be in this tribe called Boomers. We get to be first in paving the way into new frontiers of re-defining what IS aging anyway.

All my life I’ve lived outside of the stereotype for that particular decade of my journey and I’m not about to change that at this point. I’ll continue on in the same vein that feels most comfortable for me. (Admittedly, it’s getting harder to feel comfortable.)

So ok, I’ve never been 61 before and it takes some getting used to. The body is stiffer and needs to be stretched more often. It’s been a pretty darn good friend for over half a century. It has had the stamina and strength AND flexibility to take me to many different countries and situations that I am grateful to have experienced.

Aging needs to be embraced, just like doing the squats.

So, after CrossFit today I came home, showered, and got dressed to go out for the afternoon. While waiting for a friend, I decided to . . . . squat. …. just like they do in India, which I have personally witnessed. I figured if I incorporate the squat more into my daily living I’ll have less of a mental block about it and my body will start to accept it as a natural position to take.

I wonder how folks around here will react when they see me squatting at the bus stop?

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