CrossFit After 30 Days

The air capacity in my lungs HAS to be increasing because I don’t EVER breathe this deeply unless I’m at CrossFit.

The thoughts that went through my head while going through this 20 min. WOD are worth remembering. As it says here in the graphic, a VOICE starts to increase in volume. It’s always there but I think our lifestyle and the noise of the world muffles it. Only when you go looking for it does it shout out loud and clear . . I actually finished this WOD! My burpees need practice, granted, but I’m up to a 20 pound kettle bell now, only in 6 weeks. I’m no Olympian. Anyone can do this if they want to. I find that I am standing and sitting taller these days. And when I’m not, I self correct as much as I can. I find myself paying more attention to managing the “core”, butt tucked in, keeping abdominals tucked in as well, shoulders back and head up. My body is becoming my good friend again.


Become Friends with Your Body Again

Become Friends with Your Body Again

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