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Co-creating Oomf on My Thwart

Yesterday we practiced our power starts for the upcoming dragonboat regatta on May 25 at False Creek, B.C., Canada. Power starts are used at the outset of a race to pick up boat speed quickly. The boat is given that extra “oomf ” where often you see the nose of the boat rise out of the water like a dragon!  Ideally all the paddlers need to be in unison when entering and exiting the paddle as well as moving their bodies forward on the enter and back to an almost upright position on the exit.
Dragonboat Paddling is a State of Mind

Dragonboat Paddling is a State of Mind

The Sacred Places of Hiiumaa Island

August 1924 witnessed the birth of my father, Arnold Napp to a farming family on Hiiumaa Island, Estonia. My father was not destined to cultivate the land as his father and ancestors had done before him. At age 19 he would be forced to seek an escape route and leave behind him his beloved island.
In 1944 Estonia was occupied by the Germans. With five other young men who were also targeted by the occupying Nazi regime for conscription, he fled like so many other freedom-loving Estonians to Sweden in a small sailing-fishing boat.

Hiiumaa Fishing Boats

Hiiumaa Fishing Boats

Just Be Coach-able

For those who don’t know, each WOD (Work Out Daily) has got a name. Today, I did one called F.G.B. (Fight Gone Bad). The idea behind the name came from a fighter called B.J.Penn who gave it this name after he completed the circuit of exercises and found himself flat on his back panting.

“I am finding my base and building around it.” Viviann

When I look at this video of these people half my age pushing themselves I learn a lot. I’m not a casual observer since I have tried to do this myself so I have an idea of what it takes to complete the circuit.