Monthly Archives: March 2013

Journal Writing CrossFit WODs

My wonderful coaches at CrossFit Chilliwack have reminded and encouraged me for the last two months, to keep a WOD Journal (Work Out Daily). This means noting how many reps I’ve done of assigned exercises in a short block of time. These intense, time efficient WODS, are highly effective in building strength and endurance, especially in the core area of our body. We tighten up the abdominal muscles,  tuck in the tush, and repeat the workout until the lungs feel like busting.

If you haven’t noticed already, we do an awful lot of sitting in our twenty-first century lifestyles! Core exercises help to train the muscles in our lower back, hips, pelvis and abdomen to work in synchronized harmony.  When strengthened, we enjoy improved balance and stability. As kids and young adults we took this for granted but as we age and those ever changing hormones come and go one more time, we see and feel the changes in how easily or not we accomplish our daily routines. Instead of making beautiful music, our bodies go out of tune and become discordant.

My Addiction to Pre-Mix Muffins Comes to an End

The breakfast muffin cemented itself to the pit of my stomach like a clump of clay. My stomach started to ache fifteen minutes later and I regretted my moment of weakness this morning when I’d ordered the tall coffee and pondered what to partner it up with. That multi-berry muffin was beckoning me to take it out of the display case and bite right into it.

I’ve been weaning myself off of empty calorie foods since December 2012 so my body easily rejects what it can’t use. I’m too busy to bake so raw food has a time saving aspect to it that appeals to me.